Audio Recorders


Shadow Audio Recorder

Is it a recorder or is it a player? It’s both. The student can practice recording while listening to the model audio.

Fresh Audio Recorder

This is an attractive full featured recorder. It features a wave animation indicating the volume of the captured sound. And its very green.

Plain Audio Recorder

This is the default, and our most basic audio recorder. It’s also the one your designer can work with most easily to jazz it up.

One Two Three Audio Recorder

The One Two Three recorder is the most suitable recorder for classroom use, because it is designed to encourage students to record, listen and then save, in sequence.

Once Audio Recorder

The Once audio recorder, as the name suggests, allows the student to record just once. When the user presses stop, or the recording time runs out, the audio is uploaded automatically and the student does not have the option to play back their recording or redo it.

Burnt Rose Audio Recorder

Burnt Rose is a responsive full featured audio recorder with an internal audio player.