Poodll Bank Accounts

Poodll Bank Accounts

You can make payment locally using your country’s bank. Please check below for the list of our international bank accounts. If your local bank/currency isn’t listed here, please ask and we may be able to get one added. To send send money internationally use our US or Japanese bank accounts. Our base prices are in US dollars. But on your invoice we list the equivalent in your local currency and the exch. rate used. Contact us if the information is not correct.

NB Be sure to list your invoice number in the payment details so we know who paid.

EURO (Ireland)

Bank name: Citibank

Bank address: 1 North Wall Quay, International Financial Services Centre (IFSC), Dublin 1, Ireland


IBAN: IE98CITI99005170007675

Bank country: Ireland

Beneficiary name: Poodll


Bank name: First Century Bank

Routing (ABA): 061120084

Account number: 4025581581364

Branch Name: Head Office

Branch Address: 1875 Century Park E. Los Angeles, Ca 90065

Account type: CHECKING

Beneficiary name: Poodll

GBP (England)Bank name: Barclays

Sort code: 231486

Account number: 06289905

Beneficiary name: Poodll

AUD (Australia)

Bank name::  National Australia Bank

Branch code (BSB): 082182

Account number: 522395262

(Account holder name: Poodll Justin Hunt )

Beneficiary name:  Poodll

CAD (Canada)

Bank name: DirectCash Bank

Institution number:  0352

Transit number:  20009

Branch address: 736 Meridian Road NE , Calgary, AB – T2A 2N7

Account type:  CHECKING

Account number:  96100366168

Beneficiary name:  Poodll

JPY / USD (Japan)

Bank: The Juhachi Shinwa Bank LTD

Bank code: 0181

Bank address (head branch): 1-11 Doza Machi, Nagasaki City


Branch code: 290

Branch Name: Togitsu

Branch Address: Urago 303-1, Togitsu Cho, Nishi Sonogi Gun, Nagasaki Ken 851-2105, Japan

Account Number: 1115152

Account type: normal (futsu)

Account Name: Poodll Co. Ltd.