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Simplifying the Grading Hassle

Hey, as teachers, we know it's super important to see how well our students can read. But those regular tests take forever to grade and eat up our class time. So, we're left with less time to really help each student improve where they need it. Tough, right?



Our AI is able to measure pronunciation with state-of-the-art technology


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Here is Why You Need It

Poodll ReadAloud is a revolutionary tool designed to change the way you evaluate reading proficiency. With our advanced AI auto-grading feature and robust HTML5 recording technology, you can effortlessly measure reading speed and accuracy without burdening yourself with extra work. Our innovative platform records students' oral reading and provides instant measures of reading proficiency, saving teachers valuable time and effort. With four versatile modes available, teachers can effortlessly evaluate students' oral reading skills and provide timely feedback for enhanced learning outcomes. Say hello to efficient assessment with Poodll ReadAloud.

How to Enhance Speaking Proficiency Without Sacrificing Time

Unlock the potential of your students' reading skills with ReadAloud

As language educators, we understand the critical importance of reading skills in language acquisition. But how can we ensure our students are not just reading, but reading with fluency and accurate pronunciation? Allow us to introduce you to ReadAloud, a revolutionary plugin from Poodll that transforms the way foreign language students read and learn.

Elevating Reading Proficiency

One of the challenges in language education is boosting our students' reading proficiency. Traditional methods may not effectively address issues such as pronunciation, fluency, and comprehension.

The ReadAloud Solution: A Four-Step Journey to Reading Excellence

ReadAloud simplifies the journey to reading excellence in four simple steps:


ReadAloud provides students with an audio recording of the text, guiding them through the reading process. This step ensures that students have a clear auditory model to follow, enhancing their pronunciation and comprehension.


In this mode, students repeat each sentence after the AI reads it aloud. ReadAloud checks their pronunciation and indicates mispronounced words. This active practice refines pronunciation skills and builds confidence.

Shadow Practice

For advanced training, ReadAloud offers shadow practice. This technique helps learners improve their reading speed and accuracy by imitating a model speaker. Students learn to match the pace and rhythm of native speakers.


The final stage is where students put their new language skills to the test. They read the text like experts, and this is when the magic happens. ReadAloud grades their attempts automatically, providing insightful data such as words per minute (WPM), accuracy scores, and a list of mispronounced words. This data empowers students to track their progress and areas of improvement.

Enhance Speaking Skills: Poodll ReadAloud Tutorial

Here's How It Works

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Kings Corner, Spain

"Without a doubt, Poodll ReadAloud is a game-changer. By seamlessly integrating the power of AI with invaluable human interaction, it has revolutionized the way we teach."


Wall Street English, Hong Kong

"Transitioning to Poodll for our language assessment needs at Wall Street English has been an absolute game-changer. The user-friendly interface and efficient assessment management have significantly streamlined our operations."


Sojo University, Japan

"My university's language center has been using Poodll for seven years to bring spoken production and spoken interaction to our online curriculum. Poodll's suite of tools enable us to assess speaking and oral reading with ease. The service is robust and has never let us down (even though we process thousands of audio and videos files weekly). Any teacher or school instructing languages will find this service extremely useful."

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