Moodle Development on Cloud 9


For the developer event at the 2016 New Zealand Moodle Moot, and the MoodleBites Developer courses, I put together a simple script for installing Moodle on Cloud9. Cloud9 is an online development environment and IDE. This is probably the fastest way to get up and running with Moodle for development. In this video I walk through the process. The Github repository that you need to automate it all, can be found here:

The steps that you should perform are here:

  1. Setup an account on (free account is ok)
  2. Make a note of your username … we are going to need that.
  3. From the new account make a new workspace (note the workspace name, we’ll need that too)
    Workspace Type: “Hosted workspace”
    Clone from Git URL: “”
    Template: “PHP,Apache ..”
  4. From the bash window of the new workspace, type ./
  5. When prompted for your username, enter it
  6. When prompted for your workspace name, enter it
  7. When its finished running, click the “Run Project” button at top
  8. Navigate to the URL that the setup script finished with and finish the installation
  9. Remove the setup files, and config.php from the workspace folder.