Cool Tools for Language Teachers

All teachers are cool teachers
Poodll has a wide range of plugins and widgets which are designed to help language teachers make and run great courses for language learning. We have audio and video recording tools, quiz questions, onscreen whiteboards, text to speech, speaking activities, reading activities and more.

Educational Players

We have a range of audio and video players designed for use in the classroom. There are mini players, test players, interactive transcript players and more. Read more

Exciting Widgets

Poodll has widgets that can be placed anywhere in Moodle to produce tabs, accordians, text to speech, timers and more. Read more
Cool Tools for Language Teachers

Audio and Video Recording

Our signature feature is our state of the art audio and video recording system and the assignments, quizzes and other applications we have built on top of it. Read more

Speaking Activities

We love nothing more than getting your students to use their new language skills. As well as assignments, quizzes, we have Read Aloud and English Central plugins to get your students talking. Read more