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Visit the Poodll Demo Course or take the guided tour by watching the videos and trying the features directly from the links below. When ready take a free trial and try Poodll on your own Moodle site.

Video Assignment

Poodll's video assignments are simple to use, attractive and very reliable.
audioassignmenttile copy2

Audio Assignment

For language teachers Poodll's audio recording assignment features are unmatched.

Poodll on the Toolbar

Record audio , video, screencasts, insert widgets almost anywhere in Moodle

Audio/Video Quiz

Poodll makes testing with audio and video recording easy and trustworthy.

Reading Aloud

Save time and give students reading and speaking practice with our AI reading solution.

Twice Player

Language teachers need audio players made for learning and this is one of them.
Edit Subtitles7

Editing Subtitles

Create and edit subtitles right where you use them. The best caption solution for Moodle.

Interactive Captions

Poodll brings interactive transcript players to Moodle, helping students learn.
NB. The audio narration for videos on this page was created using Poodll's text-to-speech features.

Demo Site

Do you want to see more? You can try out all the Poodll activities on our demo site. You will be logged in automatically as a teacher and student.

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Free Poodll Tour

Do you want to learn more about how Poodll can help you? Let one of our experts demonstrate Poodll. Arrange a time to meet online.

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