Downloading Student Audio and Video Files

Downloading Student Audio and Video Files

A question I often get asked is “How can I download a students audio or video recording?”

Well there are  two non PoodLL ways to do this. And one PoodLL way.

Non PoodLL Ways

i) If you enable portfolios on the Moodle server. The student can then export it to their portfolio. The most talked about portfolio is Mahara, but there is also a “File download ” portfolio. This gives students to download files. This won’t cover all of Moodle however. Just some places, and is perhaps best when the files are “attachments” to forum posts.

ii) If it is an assignment, then Moodle gives you the option to download all the students submission as a zip file.

PoodLL Way

There is an option to enable a download link beside each player in the latest PoodLL filter. It is in the PoodLL filter settings. Look in PoodLL filter settings for “Show download icon under players.” It is off by default. When enabled the download icon is visible only to teachers and admins. The admin can show it to students if they wish to, by setting permissions on ‘filter/poodll:candownloadmedia’ capability.

I hope that is useful.