Players for education

Horses for courses

Mini audio player

When your audio is very short, perhaps just a word or a sentence, students do not need scrollbars, playback time and other distractions. So we designed the mini audio player. It’s also great for using screen real estate well.


Interactive transcript audio

Sometimes audio needs subtitles too. It is especially useful for second language learners, or for those with poor hearing, to be able to read what they are listening to. The interactive transcript player , also allows the listener to jump to different places in the audio, by clicking the line.


Test players

In a test its common to restrict the number of times an audio file is played. The Poodll test players allow you to simulate test conditions by setting a playback count that the student can not exceed. (N.B. They are better used for simulations than actual tests)


Shadow player

The shadow player is both a recorder and a player. It allows a student to listen to, and record alongside a model speaker. It is part of a series of upcoming players which do more than regular audio players have been expected to do.


Paypal accessible player

The Paypal accessible player is player designed from the ground up to provide the best experience for users of screen readers and who need to navigate using only the keyboard. It’s a nice player too, and the experience is equally good for users without special requirements.


Interactive video player

Many of the MOOC sites such as Coursera and EdX feature an interactive transcript alongside their videos. Using Poodll’s interactive transcript player this can also be done in Moodle.