We don’t just answer your questions, we ask them for you too.
Where are my recordings?
Your recordings are stored on your own Moodle server. Poodll uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) for processing. So immediately after recording your recording is sent to our servers where we convert to a universal format. Your Moodle server then picks up the file and copies it into the Moodle data directory. Usually this takes under a minute, though your settings can affect this. Recordings are deleted from our servers within 24 hours.
How big are my files?
If you use PoodLL cloud converting (thats the default) then 1 minute of video is about 10MB and 1 minute of audio is about 1.4MB. It will vary depending on the quality of the input and the nature of the recording. But the output format is the same for all audio files, and for all video files, so it’s fairly accurate.
Can I use Poodll on my website that is not Moodle?
We are working on a general purpose recording system for non Moodle websites. We have some reference plugins for Wordpress. If you have a platform that you would like to see Poodll, please get in touch.
Why is it called Poodll?
Originally Poodll was designed as a pairwork(P) system for Moodle(OOD), to be used in place of a proprietory language lab (LL). And it rhymed with Moodle .. and poodle.com was taken
What about Poodll and GDPR?
We have a document on that. See it here. We are also working hard on implementing Moodle’s privacy API which will help privacy administrators.
Do you have a free version?
We only have the free 30 day trial.
Does Poodll work on the Moodle Mobile App
No, it does not. We are working on it though and we hope to have it working sometime soon.
Does Poodll work on iPhones, …?
Yes it does. Poodll uses a fallback system so that the next best recording method will be used if the favored method is unavailable. HTML5 recording is by far the best recording technology these days, but its only supported in iOS11 and above for audio recording. For video recording and earlier versions of iOS we use the Poodll iOS app or the native file upload/record dialog. The state of HTML5 recording support can be seen in this chart.
What do I need to run Poodll ?
Poodll runs as a set of plugins for Moodle. Moodle and Poodll are both installed on a web server. The Moodle server running Poodll will need to be on Moodle version 3.1 or greater, and have an HTTPS url. Moodle server requirements can be seen here: https://docs.moodle.org/dev/Moodle_3.4_release_notes
Does it run on Windows?
Poodll will run fine on a Windows server as long as Moodle is installed and running well.
I get no audio, a black screen, an error ….
Audio and video recording is quite complicated so you might from time to time experience difficulties. In that case head straight to Poodll support services for help. http://support.poodll.com
What if our Moodle server is not on the internet?
The default Poodll configuration is to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) but it can be configured to run without access to the greater internet, by using FFMPEG. It gets a bit tech’y but if that’s your thing then see here
Do you use HTML5 or Flash or ..what?
Poodll uses a cascading system where the best recorder available to the browser is selected. Poodll supports:
  • HTML5 recording
  • Adobe Flash based recording
  • The Poodll mobile app Click Here
  • File upload
What are the minimum requirements for Poodll?
You will need a working Moodle 3.1 (or higher) server. The server must be on https. Modern versions of all the main browsers will work with Poodll. Where the browser does not support HTML5 recording, Flash should be enabled on the browser.