Fun Speaking Practice

Because speaking languages should be fun
Poodll offers tools to help your students practice speaking and to make it fun. Some of those are general purpose tools which allow you to use your own teacher creativity. Some of those are higher level purpose built activities.

Read Aloud powered by AI

Ask students to read the passage aloud. Poodll will listen, evaluate their reading, and mark up their mistakes and reading speed. Read more

Record Audio and Video Anywhere

Make fun peer to peer speaking activities by using Poodll recorders in forums, or database activities. Read more

Poodll English Central

Have students practice speaking alongside real videos, prepared by expert teachers. Students receive instant feedback on their pronunciation. Its always fun! Read more
Literally Canvas Whiteboard

Use the Poodll Whiteboard

Have students make pairs, and one student draw what the other says. Save it straight to a forum/database activity so that everyone can see. Read more