Language teacher ? Poodll is your new best friend


Collect Voice responses from students

Using Poodll students can record into assignments and quizzes, giving them opportunities to speak and to hear their own speaking.

Create content quickly

Go straight from webcam/mic to course content. Poodll enables busy teachers to produce great course materials fast.

Give Students Feedback

Respond to students submissions with your own voice. Students love it and it makes sense.

Designed for Education

Our recorders and player are battle hardened in the classroom. Poodll technology is designed for teachers and students

Concentrate on Teaching

Poodll takes care of the technical mumbo jumbo, so you can focus in doing great lessons and helping students learn.


Poodll Makes Students Smile

Poodll was born when Justin Hunt, aka the Poodll Guy, was teaching in a language lab in a high school in Nagasaki, Japan. He realised that all the great technology there was missing the point. So he created audio pairwork, audio journals, music quizzes and other activities which later became Poodll. When the students started coming early to class to check their feedback and to use Poodll, he knew he was onto something. 10 years later Poodll is helping students to learn languages in hundreds of universities and schools around the world.

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