HTML5 recording

Nobody does it better

Audio recording for everyone

The Poodll recording system opens up new possibilities in education for teachers and for students. The ability for teachers to produce audio and video content quickly is unparalleled. The opportunity for students to submit their voice as assignment submissions and quiz responses is game changing.

HTML5 Responsive recorders

Poodll is the world leader in cross platform browser based audio recording. Our recorders are used in universities, schools, government departments and organisations worldwide. On the front end we support accessible html5 audio recording for recent versions of all the main browsers. On the back end our servers provide fast transparent encoding to MP3 at massive scale.

Recorder Skins

Poodll contains multiple recorder skins and we are producing new ones regularly. These serve not only aesthetic purposes, but also allow you to provide the recorder that best suits the audience that is recording, and the purpose of recording.

Fallback Options

Because not all users have modern browsers, Poodll provides fallback options to ensure everyone can record. These include Adobe Flash recorders, and our iOS app