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Introducing Poodll WordCards, the ultimate flashcard system designed to enhance vocabulary acquisition and retention. With seven engaging activity types and the option for step or free navigation modes, students can immerse themselves in a fun and interactive learning experience. Our built-in dictionary ensures fast and efficient activity creation, allowing teachers to introduce new words and phrases effortlessly. Say goodbye to language proficiency struggles and hello to accelerated learning with Poodll WordCards.



Our AI is able to measure pronunciation with state-of-the-art technology


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Poodll WordCards can be used to teach over 40 different languages.

Discover the Power of Poodll WordCards

Are you searching for innovative ways to enhance language learning in your classroom? Look no further than Poodll WordCards. Our cutting-edge flashcard system offers a range of features designed to empower educators and transform language teaching practices. Say goodbye to outdated teaching methods and hello to dynamic, interactive vocabulary learning experiences that captivate and inspire students.

Accelerate Vocabulary Acquisition

Poodll WordCards empowers language teachers to create immersive vocabulary learning experiences for their students. With a user-friendly interface and versatile activity types, you can easily customize activities to suit your teaching objectives and student needs. Whether you're introducing new words or reviewing previously learned vocabulary, Poodll WordCards ensures seamless integration and effortless tracking of student progress.

Watch how Poodll WordCards revolutionizes language teaching with its innovative features and intuitive design. Discover how you can engage your students in interactive vocabulary learning experiences that foster comprehension and fluency.

Contextual Learning

Enhance your language learning experience with Youglish integration in Poodll WordCards. Seamlessly access real-world context for vocabulary practice by connecting directly to Youglish videos. Immerse yourself in authentic language usage and improve your comprehension skills like never before.

In-built Dictionary

Say goodbye to time-consuming searches and hello to efficiency with the in-built dictionary feature in Poodll WordCards. Instantly access definitions and example sentences for any word, making activity creation a breeze. Elevate your vocabulary instruction with this powerful tool at your fingertips.

Spelling Exercises

Practice spelling with engaging exercises in Poodll WordCards. From basic word recognition to complex sentence structures, our tailored spelling activities cater to learners of all levels. Improve your spelling proficiency while having fun with interactive and challenging exercises.

Listening & Spelling

Master listening and spelling simultaneously with Poodll WordCards. Listen to audio prompts and type out the corresponding words, enhancing both your auditory and written language skills. Our integrated feedback system ensures accurate assessment and personalized learning experiences.

Speaking Drills

Hone your speaking skills with dynamic speaking drills in Poodll WordCards. From pronunciation practice to fluency development, our speaking activities offer diverse opportunities for language improvement. Boost your confidence and proficiency through interactive and engaging exercises.


Sharpen your listening skills with immersive listening activities in Poodll WordCards. From audio prompts to dialogue comprehension, our listening exercises cover a wide range of language contexts. Enhance your ability to understand spoken language naturally and effectively.

Space Game 

Embark on an intergalactic language learning adventure with the Space Game in Poodll WordCards. Navigate through challenging levels while mastering vocabulary and grammar concepts. Blast off to linguistic success and enjoy a gamified approach to language learning like never before.

Enhancing Vocabulary: Poodll WordCards Tutorial

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Kings Corner, Spain

"Without a doubt, Poodll  is a game-changer. By seamlessly integrating the power of AI with invaluable human interaction, it has revolutionized the way we teach."


Wall Street English, Hong Kong

"Transitioning to Poodll for our language assessment needs at Wall Street English has been an absolute game-changer. The user-friendly interface and efficient assessment management have significantly streamlined our operations."


Sojo University, Japan

"My university's language center has been using Poodll for seven years to bring spoken production and spoken interaction to our online curriculum. Poodll's suite of tools enable us to assess speaking and oral reading with ease. The service is robust and has never let us down (even though we process thousands of audio and videos files weekly). Any teacher or school instructing languages will find this service extremely useful."

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