Classic Poodll Plugins – Poodll

Classic Poodll Plugins

Because Poodll is there for Moodle

The Poodll filter is the core classic Poodll plugin. It scans Moodle pages looking for special markers that tell it where to insert recorders, or players or widgets.

All the other Classic Poodll plugins depend on it. So you will need to have this.

Poodll can add an audio or video recorder, or whiteboard to a Moodle database activity.

If you are not familiar with the Moodle database activity, let us just say that it’s pretty nifty. You define custom forms and any submissions students make get added to a searchable list of items.

One of the most heavily used of the Poodll plugins, the assignment submission allows you to set an audio or video recording as the assignment type. The responses can be graded and given feedback on.

The Poodll assignment feedback module allows you give assignment feedback to students in audio or video.

Many users of Poodll use it in quizzes. Students can record their voice or video or draw a picture, as part of a series of questions in a quiz.

Later the submissions can be graded by the teacher, and reviewed by the student.

For content creation, or for free form submissions by students, the Poodll Anywhere plugin is unrivalled in its flexibility. Anywhere(almost) in Moodle there is an HTML editor, Poodll is there too.

TinyMCE is the older html editor in Moodle. But it’s still really popular because it contains features, not available in Atto. Well, we wouldn’t want TinyMCE users to miss the Poodll party, so we made a Poodll Anywhere for them too.

The Moodle repository system allows users to choose files from different integrations. Poodll slots in here nicely. Rather than “choosing,” users can record or draw.