Poodll Legacy Plans for Moodle

Poodll is available as an annual subscription. When you take a subscription, you gain access to the member area where you can register your Moodle URL and generate a registration code. After pressing the “Get Poodll” button below , you will have the choice of payment method. Payment can be made by credit card, or we can send you an invoice. In both cases your subscription will be active immediately and you can get started right away. All subscriptions have access to the full set of Poodll plugins and features including:

  • Audio and video recording
  • Multi media players
  • Cloud transcoding
  • Email support

Poodll prices are very simple. If you, the teacher, are paying from your own pocket then its the “individual teacher” subscription. If the school or institution is paying then its the “single institution” subscription. For anything, else please contact us.

Individual Teacher
$179 for 365 Days
Single Institution
$479 for 365 Days
  • All prices are displayed in US dollars.