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Plugin: Poodll Assignment Submission

Using the Poodll Assignment Submission plugin students can record audio, or video direct from their device, or even draw on a whiteboard, and submit to the Moodle assignment.

Online Demo

You can try a Poodll Assignment now on our demo site. Use either of the buttons below to open the demo assignment activity in a new tab. You will be automatically logged in as a student.

Poodll Assignment Submission Features

Record Audio and Video
Record audio and video using Poodll recorders direct into the Moodle assignment. Choose a recorder skin to match the site or activity. Rely on Poodll’s backend to ease the load on your servers and student browsers.
Native to Moodle
As a native assignment submission plugin type Poodll fits neatly in with the Moodle grading system. Feedback can be given using Moodle’s assignment feedback. And student submissions can be exported via the portfolio system. Its even possible to configure the size of audio and video players on the various assignment screens
Recorder Skins
Poodll recorders come with skins that expose different features(e.g pause) as well as different styling.
Submit whiteboard drawings
The Poodll assignment submission allows your students to draw pictures, or annotate images in their submission.
Files stored in Moodle
Submitted files are stored on the Moodle server. They are saved with the attempt and are removed on course reset.
Long Recordings OK
Poodll allows you to accept long recordings reliably because of our AWS middleman upload system. And our recorders allows the user to download their recording if they wish.

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