Plugin: Poodll Assignment Submission

The Poodll Assignment Submission allows students to record audio or video as assignment submissions. The teacher has a choice of audio and video recorders to use. It supports time limits, and falls back to file upload when the device does not support HTML5 recording.

Online Demo

You can try a Poodll Assignment now on our demo site. Use either of the "audio" or "video" buttons below to open the demo assignment activity in a new tab. You will be automatically logged in as a student.




Poodll Assignment Submission Features

Record Audio and Video
Record audio and video using Poodll recorders direct into the Moodle HTML areas. Rely on Poodll’s backend to ease the load on your servers and student browsers.
Native Moodle Assignment
As a native assignment submission plugin type Poodll fits neatly in with the Moodle grading system. Feedback can be given using Poodll's assignment feedback plugin. And student submissions can be exported via the portfolio system. It’s even possible to configure the size of audio and video players on the various assignment screens
Local Storage of Recordings
Your recordings are stored in your own Moodle data directory. This may simplify with data compliance requirements, since Poodll recording are like any other data in Moodle.
Recorder Skins
Not satisfied, with a one size fits all recorder? Neither are we. We give you choices on the recorder you use, what it looks like and how it behaves.

Poodll Essentials Package

This plugin is a part of the Poodll Essentials plugin package.