Plugin: Poodll Recording Question

The Poodll recording question type allows students to record audio or video, or draw pictures, in response to a question in Moodle. Poodll's HTML5 audio and video recorders are designed for classroom use and come with "skins" that can be selected to provide the most reliable recording for your students and topic.

Online Demo

You can try a Poodll Recording question now on our demo site. Use any of the buttons below to open a demo quiz activity in a new tab. You will be automatically logged in as a student.

Poodll Recording Question Features

Time limitable
Quiz administrators can optionally restrict the amount of time that the student has to answer, via the time limit settings. Or they can let the student record until they press stop.
Record Audio and Video
Record audio and video using Poodll recorders direct into the Moodle quiz. Choose a recorder skin to match the site or activity. Rely on Poodll’s backend to ease the load on your servers and student browsers. Use Poodll’s “once” recorders to prevent students re-recording or reviewing their response during the quiz.
Native Moodle Question
Poodll recording questions are native Moodle question types with full question bank integration. They can be imported, exported, backed-up and restored. Submitted recordings and files are stored on your Moodle server.
Submit Whiteboard Drawings
The Poodll recording question allows your students to draw pictures, or annotate images in their submission.

Poodll Essentials Package

This plugin is a part of the Poodll Essentials plugin package.