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Plugin: Poodll Repository

The Poodll repository allows you to record audio or video directly into your Moodle HTML areas. It also allows students to draw pictures or take webcam "snaps." The Poodll Anywhere plugins are usually a better choice for this purpose but it is still possible to use the repository plugin.

Poodll Repository Features

Record Audio and Video
You can accept audio and video recordings in your database activities using Poodll recorders.
Insert Whiteboard Drawings
Using Poodll whiteboards in the database activity, can make for fun and interactive activities such as “listen to the instructions and draw the object.”
Moodle File Storage
Submitted files are stored on the Moodle server. They are saved with the attempt and are removed on course reset.
Accepts Long Recordings
Poodll allows you to accept long recordings reliably because of our AWS middleman upload system.

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