Poodll Solo

A speaking activity for individuals
Poodll Solo is speaking assignment with 3 stages, prepare, record and transcribe. At the end of the activity students can see detailed information on their speaking clarity, sentences, words, grammar and spelling.

Speaking and Reflection

Teachers set a topic and students record themselves speaking for a set period of time. After finishing, students produce a transcript of their speech which is compared to one automatically generated by Poodll’s speech-to-text AI. Submissions may be auto-graded by Poodll or manually graded by the teacher using a rubric.

Poodll Solo Activity Steps

Step 1: Prepare

Students first prepare to speak about a topic prepared by the teacher. The topic should have target words and a target speaking time.

Step 2: Record

Students record themselves speaking. They try to speak as well as possible for up to the target time, and to include the target words.

Step 3: Transcribe

Students listen to their own recording from Step 2 and transcribe their own speech. They should reflect on their speaking but not alter what they said when entering the transcript.

Step 4: Review Results

Poodll Solo will check the student's submission for speaking clarity by matching the manual and automatic transcript. It will also check for spelling and grammar mistakes, and give metrics on word and sentence usage.

Get Poodll Solo

Poodll Solo is avalailable as a part of Poodll Essentials and Poodll Languages.