Poodll WordCards

learning words and phrases in a 21st century way
Poodll WordCards is a word learning activity for Moodle. Words or phrases to be learnt are introduced with each instance of the activity. Students learn and review words by completing listen-and-type, choose-the-answer, speechcards or type-the-words tasks

A native Moodle vocabulary acquisition tool

WordCards manages the teaching of words and phrases throughout a course. Each instance in the course introduces new words and reviews previously learned words. There are four different study modes available for both new and review words: * Choose the Answer * Type the Answer * Listen and Type * Say the Words

Poodll WordCards Features

Auto Graded
Each student attempt is autograde so activities can be assigned as homework and completion tracked.
Listening and Speaking
Practice activity types are available for listening (dictation and matching) as well as speaking (speechcards).
Fun and Intuitive
For students the activity is very simple. They check the words and do the activities, receiving instant feedback as they go.
Create Content
Teachers can easily create WordCards activities to match their course content. Wordsets can be imported easily

Purchase Poodll Wordcards

Poodll WordCards can be purchased standalone, or as a part of Poodll Essentials Plus.. The standalone prices are listed below.
WordCards Lite
Annual Price
Small use, big value
Up to 80 users per month
Up to 5000 attempts
WordCards Standard
Annual Price
Schools and Universities
Up to 350 users per month
Up to 25,000 attempts
Annual Price
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