Poodll WordCards

learning words and phrases in a 21st century way
Poodll WordCards is a word learning activity for Moodle. Words or phrases to be learnt are introduced with each instance of the activity. Students learn and review words by completing listen-and-type, choose-the-answer, speechcards or type-the-words tasks

A native Moodle vocabulary acquisition tool

WordCards manages the teaching of words and phrases throughout a course. Each instance in the course introduces new words and reviews previously learned words. There are four different study modes available for both new and review words: * Choose the Answer * Type the Answer * Listen and Type * Say the Words


Five Activity Types

Students can practice new words with activity tasks that combine, dictation, speaking, choosing and spelling. Each activity type can be assigned to the practice of new words or the review of previously learned words.

Mobile Friendly

Wordcards displays beautifully on large and small screen devices. It features table and cards view in definitions mode. Speech activities work on all devices. Dictation activities feature a unique on-screen keyboard suitable for different alphabets.

Automatic Grading

Each student's attempt is auto-graded. Activities can be assigned for completion inside or outside of class and Poodll will track completion and write student results to the course gradebook automatically.

Practice and Review Modes

WordCards combines practicing of newly words with the review of previously learned words, within each Wordcards activity. Each individual student's learned words are tracked and displayed in a form of spaced repetition.

Get Poodll WordCards

Poodll WordCards is avalailable as a part of Poodll Essentials and Poodll Languages.