PoodLL Anywhere has Arrived

PoodLL Anywhere has Arrived

Well it has taken a few months more than I expected but the latest and greatest PoodLL plugin is finally here. PoodLL Anywhere adds icons to the TinyMCE html editor. So you can have one click recording, from pretty much anywhere in Moodle.

It humbly looks like this:


But it packs a lot of function into those few icons. The PoodLL Anywhere plugin allows the user to record audio and video and draw or snap pictures, directly into forum posts, assignment descriptions, page resource content, question descriptions, question responses and other areas.

The recorders available are:
i) audio (red5)
ii) audio (mp3)
iii) video (red5)
iv) whiteboard
v) snapshot

They can be hidden or shown universally using the settings found at:
site admin -> plugins -> text editors -> tinymce html editor -> poodll anywhere

They can also be hidden or shown based on the users role using the folllowing capabilities.

For now the best place to get PoodLL Anywhere is via git :


But if you prefer to use zip files, the latest is here(updated: 2014 01 23 – original link was broken):



Install PoodLL Anywhere by unzipping it and putting the “poodll” folder in
[moodle]/lib/editor/tinymce/plugins. ¬†(If you are using git, be sure to rename the folder containing all the files to “poodll”)

Then visit

site administration -> notifications

and follow the prompts for Moodle to install it.

* NB: PoodLL Anywhere depends on the LATEST PoodLL Filter also being installed, and will not install or work properly without it.  *
* It does not work on TinyMCE fullscreen mode *

Development of PoodLL Anywhere was funded by the Birmingham City University.