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Poodll Pricing

Poodll has so many plugins that we have prepared the table below to help you decide which package best suits your needs. If you need to discuss plans with us directly, please contact us.

* These packages are available for individual subscription


Annual Prices (USD)
School(JHS/SHS) Univ/Org Other
Cloud Poodll Lite $599 $799 Contact us
Classic Poodll $749 $999 Contact us
Premium Poodll $1125 $1499 Contact us
Individual Packages
Cloud Poodll for Editor $375 $499 Contact us
Cloud Poodll Assignment Submission $375 $499 Contact us
Cloud Poodll Recording Question $375 $499 Contact us
Poodll ReadAloud $599 $799 Contact us
Poodll English Central $20/per student $28/per student Contact us