Poodll Read Aloud

Read Aloud for Poodll measures reading speed and accuracy without creating extra work for teachers. AI auto-grading and robust HTML5 recording allows teachers to collect reading fluency data quickly and easily.x

How well are your students reading?

Read Aloud for Poodll is the only AI auto-graded reading assessment plugin for Moodle. Save countless hours and get rich actionable data about student reading.

Poodll Read Aloud Features

Auto Graded
Student attempts are automatically graded use AI and our custom algorythms.
Cloud Storage
Your recordings are stored in the Poodll cloud. This means that your backup files stay small, and you do not need to worry about storage capacity.
Intuitive Teacher Interface
For students the activity is very simple. They just read and complete the activity. Teachers however can examine each individual word or reading mistake in detail.
Create Content
Teachers can easily create Read Aloud activities from texts of their own choosing, to match their current course content.

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