Poodll Whiteboards

Because we all like to draw
Poodll contains whiteboards for students or teachers to draw on. The whiteboards are made available through the Poodll filter to the Classic Poodll plugins. This means that they can be used in quiz questions, assignments . In these locations they support "undo" even after saving. And they support a custom background image so that students can annotate a picture. The whiteboards can also be used from the HTML editor toolbar. The Poodll whiteboards are based on two open source whiteboard projects, Literally Canvas and DrawingBoard.
Literally Canvas Whiteboard

Literally Canvas

The Literally Canvas features an extensive toolbox with lots of drawing tools. Its best suited for activities where there is a enough space on the page to show the canvas and the toolbox.

Drawing Board JS

The DrawingBoard whiteboard is the default whiteboard in Poodll's Anywhere for the HTML editor (atto and tinymce). Because its toolbox is compact and simple, it is best used for basic drawings.