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Are you tired of spending hours crafting language lessons that seem too complex for your students to engage with? Say goodbye to the frustration and hello to simplicity with Poodll MiniLesson. Our innovative platform revolutionizes the way teachers deliver language learning activities, making it easier than ever to assign interactive speaking tasks that your students can complete anytime, anywhere.


Student Engagement

MiniLesson empowers students to practice language skills independently, boosting engagement beyond classroom sessions.


Global Adoption

MiniLesson is trusted by language educators worldwide for its effectiveness in creating engaging lessons.


Activity Types

MiniLesson provides a variety of interactive activities, including Content Pages, Dictation, Listen and Speak, MultiChoice, and Speech Cards, catering to diverse learning needs.


Browser Compatibility

MiniLesson ensures seamless access and compatibility across a wide range of web browsers for convenient usage.

Here is Why You Need It

Poodll MiniLesson empowers teachers to combine various language learning activities into a simple, self-guided online lesson. Whether you're struggling to find engaging speaking activities or seeking a solution to streamline lesson creation, Poodll MiniLesson has you covered. With its lightweight container and compatibility with all modern browsers, MiniLesson ensures that your students can easily access and complete practice exercises, enhancing their speaking and listening skills in the process.

Streamline Lesson Creation and Boost Learning with Poodll MiniLesson

With Poodll MiniLesson, creating dynamic language lessons is a breeze.

Choose from a variety of activity types, including Dictation, Speech Cards, Listen and Speak, Content Items, and MultiChoice, to tailor the learning experience to your students' needs. Dictation activities provide immediate feedback, while Speech Cards and Listen and Speak drills encourage speaking practice. Content Items allow you to enrich lessons with multimedia content, and MultiChoice exercises offer a quick comprehension check. Plus, Poodll's speech recognition system ensures that students receive accurate feedback, even with non-native speaker accents. Say hello to hassle-free lesson creation and meaningful student engagement with Poodll MiniLesson.

Activity Types

Poodll MiniLesson allows you to create lessons made from a sequence of activity pages. It is designed to give language students speaking and listening practice in a lightweight container. It works on all modern browsers.

Content Item

Content Item Content items allow activity authors to add audio, video, images and text to a single content page. Use content items to provide students a prompt from which to respond.


A simple, fast and attractive item type that teachers and students understand. Use multi-choice for checking comprehension and prior to more challenging items.

MultiChoice Audio 

Dictation is available in two styles, regular and chat style. Both styles use text to speech and provide immediate feedback to the student.


Dictation is available in two styles, regular and chat style. Both styles use text to speech and provide immediate feedback to the student.

Speech Cards

Dictation is available in two styles, regular and chat style. Both styles use text to speech and provide immediate feedback to the student.

Listen and Speak

Dictation is available in two styles, regular and chat style. Both styles use text to speech and provide immediate feedback to the student.

And more!

Poodll MiniLesson empowers teachers to customize learning experiences by combining various types of multichoice questions. This flexibility allows educators to design tailored exercises that not only enhance listening and speaking skills but also promote comprehensive language proficiency. By integrating diverse question formats, teachers can create engaging activities that cater to individual learning styles and facilitate a deeper understanding of the language.

Simplify Language Teaching: Poodll MiniLesson Companion

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Kings Corner, Spain

"Without a doubt, Poodll MiniLesson is a game-changer. By seamlessly integrating the power of AI with invaluable human interaction, it has revolutionized the way we teach."


Wall Street English, Hong Kong

"Transitioning to Poodll for our language assessment needs at Wall Street English has been an absolute breakthrough. The user-friendly interface and efficient assessment management have significantly streamlined our operations."


Sojo University, Japan

"My university's language center has been using Poodll for nine years to bring spoken production and spoken interaction to our online curriculum. Poodll's suite of tools enable us to assess speaking and oral reading with ease. The service is robust and has never let us down (even though we process thousands of audio and videos files weekly). Any teacher or school instructing languages will find this service extremely useful."

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