Success story: International Video Exchange

Bridging cultures with Moodle and Poodll

We have used PoodLL with great results in an online intercultural exchange between two university language classes; one an English class in Japan and the other a Japanese class. Students recorded videos of themselves speaking to their webcam and posted them in Moodle for their partners to watch and respond to with their own self-recorded videos.

Students could choose either PoodLL or YouTube (with their own computer/cell phone software or app) for making self-recordings. Students who were concerned about privacy issues, i.e. that someone from outside the project could have access to their videos, chose PoodLL because videos recorded using PoodLL stay in the university server which is password-protected. So the videos have a secure location that offers more privacy than YouTube (where students have to remember to make videos “unlisted” and not “public”).

We found PoodLL useful for our project because of the enhanced security that students felt, and because of the great support that we received from the PoodLL team when we first started using it. We found it to be user-friendly and we would recommend it.

Jennifer Claro, Kitami Institute of Technology, Japan

Sawako Akai, Huron University College, Canada

Authors of: Claro, J. & Akai, S. (2017). Collaborative reflection in an online intercultural Japan-Canada exchange. In P. Hubbard and S. Ioannou-Georgiou (Eds.), Teaching English Reflectively with Technology (pp. 91-108). Faversham, UK: IATEFL. Available at