Success story: Poodll for Assessment

Bridging cultures with Moodle and Poodll

The assessment tools of Moodle are tightly integrated into our two UCR language programs at our center in Seoul, Korea. In order to develop our students’ communicative abilities and competence, we needed a solution that would simplify and streamline the process around spoken language production (i.e. submitting recordings) and faculty (i.e. providing feedback). For us, this is PoodLL.

While Poodll can do a lot more than just audio recording, we rely heavily on this ability for students to create speeches, respond to reflective prompts, and to practice and demonstrate various language skills and functions that are embedded in both Moodle Assignments and the Quiz activity. This is done on a weekly basis for the duration of our 8-week courses and PoodLL has been a reliable and hallmark of our program for several years, and will continue to be. Moreover, PoodLL has been an invaluable resource as a whiteboard application which we use in some assessments, as well as an audio player.

PoodLL makes embedding multimedia seamless and a useful resource for everyone at UCR. In the end, it has fulfilled a number of roles in our program and system and been exceptionally effective and useful.

William S.
Gangnam-University of California