Success story: Poodll for Content

Centralising the management of content types

Our company, iShine, provides courses for Japanese learners in technology, business skills, and numerical literacy. We are a small company managing a lot of content, and different kinds of content.

Poodll widget technology allowed us to incorporate content types into our courses that would not have been possible without customizing Moodle. For example, in our technology course we use a Poodll code highlighting widget to present coding examples, and use Poodll tabs to display steps of a task.

We also use custom Poodll templates, created by our designer, to centralize common content features. These features include activity explanations, navigation buttons, and media players. When changes to these are required, we can change them all in one place. Centralizing content items saves us countless hours as we perform updates to our courses.

Yutaka Suzuki,