Success story: Poodll for Special Needs

Poodll for Special Needs

“Thank you for an awesome plugin in Moodle. I am a mathematics teacher at a school for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Worcester, Western Cape, South Africa. All our learners use Sign Language as a means of communication. To assess these learners we had to setup a video camcorder in our classes, record each learner, edit the video and upload it to each learner’s memory stick or folder on a external hard drive. This was very tedious not to mention time consuming as well as an administrative burden. We are currently using your plugin and it cut our workload with 75%. Now the learners can record themselves directly in Moodle and all their recordings are in one place. Also, we can pre-record our interpreters, upload it into the poodll question type and learners can watch it and answer the question. [Please see screenshots attached]. The teachers still need training but we are getting there. Also, the learners love the plugin, since they are not allowed to write anything, they can express themselves through your plugin. Sign Language are not yet an official language here and therefore not much is being done for these learners. So, when we discovered your software, we saw the possibilities for these learners. I have also presented your plugin at a district meeting for all Deaf and Hard of Hearing schools and they are all amazed at what can be done and the potential it has to assist Deaf learners in expressing themselves through their mother tongue. Once again, thank you for an awesome plugin. You guys are amazing” Nolan Damon Stellenbosch University, South Africa