Success story: Poodll for versatility

Poodll at Mais Learning
PoodLL has been instrumental to the development of the materials I build for my business, MAIS Learning, which provides English lessons to foreign language students in the distance setting. In specific, we use the flipped classroom method to enable students to complete vocabulary, grammar, and speaking activities outside of class in a Moodle course. Because students can use the PoodLL plugin to send video questions and responses to each other in forums, they are primed to continue those conversations during webcam lessons, thus maximizing out of class time in a foreign language context (English in Japan). Without PoodLL, the out-of-class work we provide our students would not enable us to scaffold learners towards more complex conversations in live lessons. In addition to using PoodLL as part of MAIS, it has become a central component of the methodologies I build for my studies. As mobility becomes an increasingly popular topic in foreign and second language learning, a limitation to the field is that researchers are usually not able to program their own materials and instead have to work with programmers to design materials. Because this is not always a possibility, PoodLL is an indispensable resource that enables me to mobilize my own methodologies without having to worry about programming. An additional advantage of using PoodLL as a research instrument is that it enables me to collect speech samples in the distance setting, which expands my research possibilities. Altogether, PoodLL is a versatile tool that will continue to be a central part of the language learning experiences I build.