Text to Speech

When you can’t be there or you need a native speaker
Poodll adds text to speech capabilities to your Moodle courses. This can be useful for language learners, and learners with impairments. Text to speech adds a voice to your course resources, for when you can not be there. But it also allows you to make content that can be maintained easily and without the need to record and re-record. The Poodll text to speech features are part of the Poodll filter.
ssml editor

SSML Editor

Create natural sounding audio by marking up pauses, emphasis, intonation and speaking rate using Poodll's graphical SSML editor. SSML (Speech Synthesis Markup Language) allows authors to instruct the speech engine exactly how to speak. [To be released mid-2019]

Passage Reader


Poodll passage reader can read a block of text on the page aloud. As it reads it highlights the current text. The teacher can choose different reading voices and change player options.
Poodll dictation turns an HTML bullet list of sentences into a dictation activity. When the user clicks the play button, the sentence will be read aloud. When the correct text has been entered, including punctuation, it will be flagged as correct