Video Recording

With the emergence of smartphones and webcams, its never been more possible to incorporate video recording into the classroom. Poodll handles all the technical stuf, and its just up to you to design great lessons.


Video in the classroom

Video is an unrivaled tool for engaging students. And its a new frontier. Creative teachers still come up with new ways to use video recording in the classroom.  Ask students to practice a speech, present their project, or just ask a question into their webcam. Poodll makes it possible for students to submit video in quizzes and assignments and pretty much anywhere that there is an HTML editor in Moodle.

Is it easy?

For you .. yes. Its as simple as clicking on the “record” button, reviewing your video and uploading it. For us …no. Its not simple at all. We make sure your camera is active, we manage the big upload, we convert your video into a nice format that everyone can play, and we deliver it back to your Moodle site pronto.

Oh and we make sure your device gets a video recorder that it can use. For some people thats a Flash video recorder, but where possible we will deliver an HTML5 video recorder. Like the ones you see on this page.

Burnt Rose(new) Video Recorder Skin

123 Video Recorder Skin