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Poodll Media for Teachers

Poodll is a suite of plugins and activities for teachers, including audio/video recording, vocabulary learning, speaking and reading assessments.

Instant Feedback

Elevate your teaching experience by providing instant audio and video feedback with just a click.

Boost Engagement

Engage your students with audio and video responses that convey nuance, encouragement, and mentorship – elements often lost in traditional written assessments.

Efficient Assessments

Poodll Media integrates seamlessly with Moodle, streamlining the assessment process.

Zero Hassle

Say goodbye to time-consuming written responses and embrace the power of personal communication.

Beyond Written Words

Break the monotony of written feedback.

Personal Touch

With Poodll Media, you're not just grading assignments; you're forging connections that drive academic success.

Why you need Poodll Media

Audio and Video Assignment Submission & Feedback

Use Poodll’s recording question types to video record student responses. Combine them with other question types to perform deeper assessment, and to get quantifiable results.

Poodll’s cloud based infrastructure makes collecting video submissions painless. Poodll stores the data safely, is GDPR compliant, and manages the conversion and uploading infrastructure for you.

Audio & Video in Quizzes

Use Poodll's recording question types to record student audio responses to questions. You can choose from a range of recorders. Responses can be transcribed for both students and teachers.

Interactive Transcript Players

See the transcript of the audio or video file and the portion of text currently being played. It's also possible to skip to a particular section of the recording by clicking the text. We can even grammar check the transcripts for you!

Audio & Video Assessments

With Poodll students can submit video assignments to be assessed by you. It is also possible to provide audio or video feedback on the students' work. All videos can be safely stored in the cloud. We can even transcribe and grammar check them for you!

Poodll is a certified Moodle integration, used by some of the most well known schools and organisations in the world.


Revolutionize Assessments with Poodll

From instant grading and feedback with Poodll Media to engaging video assignments and quizzes, Poodll transforms how we do assessments.

We've Got Your Back

Poodll software has helped teachers to build and deliver great online courses in thousands of schools and universities worldwide.

Poodll: More Than Just Media

Explore Poodll's diverse tools, from interactive transcript players to Poodll Languages

They Trust us

Klavs Kehlet

The quality of service is just 105%!

I can definitely recommend if you intend to use video or audio recording on your LMS, it's a great tool and they keep updating their services for Moodle. Support and service is superb.

Institut français du Japon

Good moodling takes some poodlling

Poodll is an amazing suite of tools for Moodle that let you do just anything you can't make your regular Moodle do. Using Poodll voice assignment at a time when no other solution was available enabled us to keep a great learning environment for our language learners. Poodll keeps evolving and is always a step ahead of Moodle's evolution.

Sojo Silc

Great for language teaching and learning!

My university's language center has been using Poodll for seven years to bring spoken production and spoken interaction to our online curriculum. Poodll's suite of tools enable us to assess speaking and oral reading with ease. The service is robust and has never let us down (even though we process thousands of audio and videos files weekly). Any teacher or school instructing languages will find this service extremely useful.

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The best audio and video solution for Moodle by far.



Per Year

Use audio and video recording Best for individuals or small schools.

up to 350 Poodll users *
25,000 mins audio and video recording
Cloud storage
Automatic subtitles
Cloud Poodll for Atto/TinyMCE
Cloud Poodll Question
Poodll Assign. Submissions
Poodll Assign. Feedbacks
Poodll Players
Poodll Widgets




Per Year

Access all of Poodll’s core tools best for most schools and organizations

up to 600 Poodll users *
40,000 mins audio and video recording
Cloud storage
Automatic subtitles
Cloud Poodll for Atto/TinyMCE
Cloud Poodll Question
Poodll Assign. Submissions
Poodll Assign. Feedbacks
Poodll Players
Poodll Widgets



Per Year

Because you are special

For Large or Special Organizations

Just what you need

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