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Plugin: Poodll EnglishCentral

The Poodll EnglishCentral Plugin
With Poodll English Central your students can learn words, practice speaking and track their progress with fun real world videos. Meticulously leveled and backed by academic research English Central genuinely works and really is fun. The Poodll integration allows gradebook integration, progress tracking and activity completion. So your students never even need to leave Moodle.

Poodll Speaking Central Features

WATCH authentic videos
Select from over 10,000 video lessons.
LEARN vocabulary in context
Students mark words they don't know and EnglishCentral does the rest.
SPEAK and get feedback
Students put their new words into practice by speaking them.
Moodle Integration
Poodll English Central authenticates with English Central behind the scenes. Grades, and completion data are all handled by Moodle.

Online Demo

You can try a Poodll English Central now on our demo site. Use the buttons below to open the sample activity in a new tab. You will be automatically logged in as a student.

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Starting at $20/per student per year