Poodll MiniLesson

A lightweight speaking and listening activity
Poodll MiniLesson allows you to create lessons made from a sequence of activity pages. It was designed to give language students speaking and listening practice in a lightweight container. It works on all modern browsers.

A Self Paced Sequence of Activities

Using Poodll MiniLesson teachers can deliver self paced lessons that incorporate educational content items and practice items. Practice items are automatically graded and can be used for speaking practice. MiniLesson works great on mobile devices so is suited for use in remote learning or as an out of class activity.

Poodll MiniLesson Item Types


Dictation is available in two styles, regular and chat style. Both styles use text to speech and provide immediate feedback to the student.

Speech Cards

Students practice speaking by reading the prompt from the card. Cards are displayed one at a time. Students receive a star rating per card.

Listen and Speak

Students hear the audio prompt and respond. Poodll displays a word by word check on the student response.

Content Item

Content items allow activity authors to add audio, video, images and text to a single content page. Use content items to provide students a prompt from which to respond.


A simple, fast and attractive item type that teachers and students understand. Use multi-choice for checking comprehension and prior to more challenging items.

Get Poodll MiniLesson

Poodll MiniLesson is avalailable as a part of Poodll Essentials and Poodll Languages.