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Liven up your online course and get your students speaking
Poodll Languages provides teachers with an essential toolkit of powerful applications specially designed for language learning. Activities featuring speaking, word learning, oral reading, pronunciation and more are available as a part of the Poodll Languages package.

Poodll Languages Package

This application enables teachers to collect and automatically assess oral reading samples from the students. Three modes are available: Listen, Practice and Read. Students can listen to a model reading, practice reading the passage sentence by sentence, and read the entire passage under timed conditions.
This is Poodll’s flashcard application. Learners are presented with new words and phrases which are then tested during a study session consisting of multiple study modes: Choose the Answer, Type the Answer, Listen and Type, Say the Words, and Listen and Choose. Review of previously studied words and phrases is also available.
Teachers combine various language learning activities into a simple, self-guided online lesson. Available activities include: Content Page, Multi Choice, Dictation, Dictation Chat, and Speech Cards.
Teachers set a topic and students record themselves speaking for a set period of time. After finishing, students produce a transcript of their speech which is compared to one automatically generated by Poodll’s speech-to-text AI. Submissions may be auto-graded by Poodll or manually graded by the teacher using a rubric.

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Poodll Languages is a powerful solution for language teaching in Moodle, or simply for audio and video recording. You have access to 5 different applications. Follow the links below to learn more.

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