Poodll MiniLesson

Using Poodll MiniLesson teachers can combine various language learning activities into a simple, self-guided online lesson. Available activities include: Content Page, Multi Choice, Dictation, Dictation Chat, and Speech Cards.

A simple self paced lesson for language learning

MiniLesson provides six different activity types. Teachers can combine these to produce self paced and auto graded lessons, that combine content and instruction pages with activities where students can practice and demonstrate proficiency. * Multi-Choice * Dictation * Dictation Chat * Speech Cards * Listen and Speak * Content Page

Poodll MiniLesson Features

Auto Graded
Each student attempt is autograded so activities can be assigned as homework and completion tracked.
Listening and Speaking
By combining activity types it is possible to practice speaking, listening and comprehension in a single lesson.
Fun and Intuitive
For students the activity is very simple and works on large and small screen devices. Students progress through each lesson, receiving results as they go.
Create Content
Teachers can easily create MiniLesson activities to match their course content. It is possible to embed iframe based content or upload media and use text to speech for audio prompts in different languages.

Get Poodll MiniLesson

Poodll MiniLesson is available as part of Poodll Essentials. and as part of Poodll Languages.