Audio Assessments

Come on lets hear it
Poodll makes it possible for you to record your student's speaking and assess in a scalable and device independent way. Our deep integration with Moodle and Amazon AWS gives you the choice of whether your audio are stored on the cloud or on your Moodle server. Our native Moodle plugins make it easy to create audio assessments and easy for students to use them. Backup and restore is 100% native  and its just good old Moodle (ie no consumer keys etc). Poodll has Moodle plugins for quiz questions, assignment submissions and assignment feedback. Its even possible to record into forums or database activities. Audio recordings can ALL be converted to mp3. So they will play back on anything.
audio quiz

Audio assess with quizzes

Use the Poodll Recording question type to record student audio responses to question. Combine it with other question types to perform deeper assessment, and to get quantifiable results
audio assignment

Audio assess with Assignments

Use either of Poodll's two assignment plugins to record student audio submissions. Poodll's assignment plugins support backup and restore, and export to portfolio and Moodle's privacy API. Your audio can be stored with Moodle or in the Poodll cloud.