Poodll Media

Poodll Media is a complete suite of activities and tools to add advanced audio/video playback and recording features to your online courses. Thousands of schools and organizations use Poodll Media applications daily to give students speaking practice, document competance, support remote students and create lesson content.

Poodll Media Features

Record Audio and Video Anywhere

Record audio and video using Poodll recorders direct into the Moodle HTML areas, assignments and quizzes. Rely on Poodll’s backend to ease the load on your servers and student browsers. Use our advanced cloud integration to convert incoming audio and video to MP3 and MP4. Enjoy multi device support.

Native Moodle Recording Assignments

Poodll assignment submission plugins fit neatly in with the Moodle grading system. Audio and video feedback can be given using Poodll's assignment feedback plugins. Student submissions can be exported via the portfolio system. And of course you can configure time limits.

Record in Quizzes

Poodll allows you to make quiz questions that require the user to respond using one of our audio or video recorders. Great for evaluations and great for giving students practice speaking under pressure.

Auto Transcription

Poodll's extensive cloud infrastructure allows you to get automatic transcriptions of student speaking. It can be displayed in an interactive transcript, as subtitles, or just visible to you the teacher. You can evaluate faster and your students will love seeing their results.

Players and Recorders for Education

Poodll's audio and video recorders and players are designed for use in education. With features like interactive transcripts and once only playing and recording.

Spot Demo

Follow the links below to see examples of Poodll Media features in action. The links will open in a new browser tab. If nothing seems to happen, the page has loaded into another tab quietly. Please check. Note that you are logged in as both a teacher and a student in these activities. so you can also check responses and settings.

Full Demo

Try Poodll Media on your own site free for 30 days, or schedule a call with a Poodll expert.

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Plugin by Plugin

Poodll Media is a complete solution for audio and video in Moodle. You have access to over 10 plugins, but you only need to install the ones you want to use. The main plugins are listed below:

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* "Poodll users/month" is the number of users that make an audio or video recording in a month.