Automatic Subtitles

Because Poodll supports users of all abilities
Sometimes students are not able to listen, and sometimes it just helps to listen and read. Subtitling video has been time consuming and almost nobody subtitled audio. Well Poodll has made it easy. Poodll will subtitle both audio and video automatically in French, Spanish and English. And if you need to tweak those automatic subtitles, we have a nice subtitle editor for Moodle. So there you have it, Poodll can turn your Moodle into a little subtitle studio.

Subtitle Audio and Video Recordings

You can automatically create subtitle for both audio and video recordings. You record directly from the Cloud Poodll Atto toolbar icons. A few minutes later your subtitles are ready and linked to your recording

Upload Audio and Video to Subtitle

You can also upload recordings and Poodll will create subtitles for you, and store those audio and video files nicely.

Use our Subtitle Editor

The AI does not always get it right. So we made a nice subtitle editor for Moodle. You can caption those video and audio files right where you use them. You can even let students edit their own captions.

Play subtitled audio and video

If you have subtitles , you want to see them. Thats why Poodll comes with subtitle enabled audio and video players.