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Exciting Widgets

Because why should Wordpress people have all the fun?


Tabs are a common way to organise information on web pages. Poodll tabs are based on bootstrap and are lightweight and responsive.


Accordians are used for FAQs and other information categories where the title would be too long for a tab.


Lightboxes are great ways to save space on a page. When the lightbox trigger is clicked, the image or text or other content, is displayed on box on center screen above the content.


For game like activities, speech practice, pairwork, memory activities, timers are great. Poodll has countdown timers, countup timers, stopwatches and more.


Imagine how nice it would be if you could just put your data in a table on the page and someone could turn it into a chart for you. [ahem] Poodll can do that.