Products for Moodle

The LMS with 100,000,000 users. Poodll is there too
Poodll adds powerful capabilities to Moodle with a range of more than 15 plugins. Groups of plugins are sold in the packages listed below.

Poodll Languages

Poodll Languages provides teachers with al toolkit of powerful applications specially designed for language learning. Activities featuring speaking, word learning, oral reading, pronunciation and more.
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Poodll Media

Poodll Media is a suite of activities and tools to add audio/video playback and recording features to your online courses. Schools use Poodll Media to give students speaking practice, support remote students and create lesson content.
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Poodll Essentials

Poodll Essentials is the core Poodll package that you need to add speaking and interactivity to your online course. It combines Poodll Media and Poodll Languages in one high value low cost package.
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Poodll EnglishCentral

Learn words, practice speaking and track progress with fun real world videos. Poodll EnglishCentral is the result of a collaboration between Poodll and EnglishCentral to bring EnglishCentral to the Moodle platform.
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Moodle Certified Integration

Poodll Media and Poodll Languages are Moodle certified Integrations. You can rely on them to work as expected, to be secure, and to be updated regularly.