Poodll Read Aloud

Read Aloud for Poodll measures reading speed and accuracy without creating extra work for teachers. AI auto-grading and robust HTML5 recording allows teachers to collect reading fluency data quickly and easily.

How well are your students reading?

Poodll Read Aloud is an auto assessed reading activity. Save countless hours of teacher time and get rich actionable data about student reading. Students get valuable practice and can use the various modes to reattempt the same passage and improve their results.


Automated Reading Assessment

ReadAloud can assess a students reading and return correct-words-per-minute (WPM), accuracy and error scores. Gradebook integration is also possible using WPM targets set by the activity author.

Preview, Practice and Read Modes

ReadAloud is more than a simple assessment tool. Students can also listen to a model reading, and can practice a reading, line by line. A chart indicates students progress through successive attempts on the same activity.

Use Your Own Texts

With ReadAloud you create the activity and you set your own reading passages. Choose passages from your textbook or from materials of interest to your students. You can set time limits and choose a text to speech voice , or record/upload a model audio.

Multi Lingual

Poodll supports many languages other than English. Most common languages that have spaces between words can be used with ReadAloud.

Get Poodll ReadAloud

Poodll ReadAloud is avalailable as a part of Poodll Essentials and Poodll Languages.