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Empowering Students with AI: Enhancing Writing Skills through AI Grading

Enahancing Skills with AI Grading

You made your favorite tea, a reward in the form of a chocolate bar is just within your reach, and in the background not-too-distracting music softly floats through the room. It’s exam marking time and you’ve settled in for a long grading session with a dauntingly high stack of papers.  For many instructors, exams are […]

10 ESL Icebreakers for Online Classes That Promote Collaboration and Creativity


Today is the first day of your new online class. You’ve used Poodll Net to enrol your students, cleared payments, and built a fully-functioning learning management system. Now all you have to do is teach. As you start your new course, a familiar sense of excitement rushes through you. You can’t help but wonder who […]

Four Poodll Tools to Make Your English-Teaching Life Easier in 2023

Four Poodll Tools to Make Your English-Teaching Life Easier.

Few things are worse than walking your dog at 6 am on a winter morning with light rain splattering your face and the cold creeping up your sweatpants. Sure, you love your dog dearly but right now, all you want is to lie in your warm bed and start your days slowly with the smell […]

How to Teach Speaking to Students – Practices and Strategies

In an episode of the comedy series Modern Family, Gloria, a Colombian immigrant mother living in the US, has finally enough of her family’s jokes about her accent. “Do you know how smart I am in Spanish?”, she shouts at her husband before doing a dramatic hair flip and walking away. Her experience resonates with […]

Four English Teaching Trends (and One Evergreen) to Watch Out for in 2023

Four English Teaching Trends in 2023

In recent years, predictions have been notoriously difficult to make. After all, the many new words we have added to our dictionaries since 2020 – from ecoanxiety to hodophobia (the fear of travelling, particularly in a pandemic), to social distance, and doomscrolling – show us just how much has changed in unprecedented ways.  Nevertheless, Poodll […]


Poodll at MoodleMoot Global

Poodllは、2022年にバルセロナで開催されるMoodleMoot Globalのスポンサーの一社として参加する予定です。 参加される方は、ぜひ弊社ブースにお立ち寄りください。 既存のユーザーに追いつくこと、そして新しいユーザーとつながることが待ち遠しいです。 当日は、Poodll Guyも参加し、最新のアップデートや機能追加、今後予定されているエキサイティングな機能のデモを行う予定です。 講演のご予約はこちら お問い合わせページをご覧の上、ご連絡ください。