Four Poodll Tools to Make Your English-Teaching Life Easier in 2023

Four Poodll Tools to Make Your English-Teaching Life Easier.

Few things are worse than walking your dog at 6 am on a winter morning with light rain splattering your face and the cold creeping up your sweatpants. Sure, you love your dog dearly but right now, all you want is to lie in your warm bed and start your days slowly with the smell of coffee and pancakes wafting in from the kitchen. 

Likewise, you care about your students deeply; you want them to do well and leave your class encouraged and motivated. But sometimes teaching can be as uninspiring and challenging as standing on your front lawn in the unholy early hours of the day, cold and wet, willing your dog to finally pee.

Luckily, Poodll can help you to have more teaching days that are as good as snuggling up with a puppy and watching old sitcom reruns (yes, we have an adorable office Poodle; and yes we will show you a picture of him at the end of this post). 

As a teacher, you have enough on your plate already without having to worry about flunky tech and checked-out online students. Make your teaching life easier in 2023: Add Poodll to your classes and cut down your hours spent preparing and grading instantly. 

Poodll is designed to make your online language teaching effective, inspiring, and hassle-free. Whether you are a seasoned Poodll user who wants a refresher on Poodll’s features, a newbie excited about all the new possibilities that Poodll gives you for teaching, or someone who has vaguely heard of Poodll and wants to know what it’s all about, we will walk you through four of our popular tools designed to make teaching languages easier.

What is Poodll Media?

Poodll Media is like having a dog leash that allows you to take ten dogs to the park at the same time – and have fun doing it. Poodll Media bundles over ten Moodle plugins in one application to make teaching on Moodle interactive, productive, and enjoyable. 

Poodll Media features:

Advanced audio players specifically designed for language classes

Most players were not designed with language learners in mind. Poodll Media uses audio players that allow for different speeds, automatically play twice, and integrate seamlessly into your classroom interface. Insert playing and recording widgets almost anywhere in Moodle for easy access.

Easy-to-use recording features

Check on your students’ speaking competence with integrated recording features. Convert incoming audio and video to MP3 and MP4, use the feature for quizzes or assignments, and enable your learners to produce clear speaking samples. 

Curious about our audio assignments? Deep dive into an example here

Effortless interface

Seamlessly integrate your content and quizzes in our Poodll Media interface. Get inspired by our mini-lessons and sample quizzes and create digital, engaging, and effective online lessons in minutes.

Check out one of our example quizzes.

Auto transcriptions, captions, and subtitles

Automatically create transcriptions, captions, and subtitles in real-time. Poodll Media gives you the option to have a subtitle/transcript window on your screen. Students can follow a listening exercise with the transcript, can jump around to different sentences, and see their own speech (or that of others) directly produced on screen.Take a closer look at our transcription feature here.

How Will Poodll Media Make My Teaching Life Easier?

Teaching students how to speak in an online class is a challenge. Bad audio quality, clunky tech, and boring lessons lead to demotivated students that attend classes but don’t learn. 

No more downloading different plugins, no more awkward rewinding of audio passages no more switching between browser windows or worrying about audio quality. Poodll Media provides you with crystal-clear audio, players that auto-repeat or play at different speeds, sharp speaking assessment tools – all just a few clicks away.

Poodll Media has an easy backend that gives you complete control of your class and is compatible with many browsers and devices, limiting interruptions due to tech problems.

Simply add Poodll Media to your course and instantly access transcription options, audio players, and create productive audio assessments. 

If you don’t have a Poodll account, you sign up for a 30-day free trial to see how it transforms your classes.

Sign up here

What is Poodll Languages?

Poodll Languages is a collection of powerful Moodle plugins specifically designed to support English-language learners in the four essential skills: reading, speaking, listening, and writing (coming soon).

No more collecting exercises, creating vocabulary lists, finding audio examples, tedious grading, and trying to get audio players to work. Poodll Languages is your easily-integrated all-rounder that makes online teaching effective and enjoyable. 

Poodll Languages features:


Create entire self-contained lessons from a sequence of different activities. Combine speaking and reading practice, include dictation, speaking exercises, and multiple-choice questions in your lesson. Expand and individualize lessons by including videos, images, or your own texts.

Minilessons are automatically graded and give your students instant feedback. Simply assign the lesson and let Poodll Languages do the rest. Results are stored in the course grade book.

Students love the interactive interface and instant feedback of our Mini-Lessons.

Check out this Minilesson to get an idea of what the feature can do for you.


Make learning vocabulary a breeze – without designing long word lists. WordCards introduces students to new words in context and provides speech cards, type-the-word-tasks, or choose-the-answer options to support memorization. 

WordCards is mobile-friendly so your students can learn anywhere. Five different activity types ensure that learners don’t get bored. Spaced repetition and review exercises reinforce already learned words and introduce new ones. 

WordCards supports different languages such as Spanish, Russian, Japanese, and more, so that English learners from various backgrounds can use them.

WordCards exercises are entirely self-graded, allowing you to focus on more interactive activities. No more grading of vocabulary quizzes!

Take a look at this WordCards example to see how it works.


Measure reading speed and accuracy – without having to listen to the same reading exercises over and over again. ReadAloud uses AI to assess your students’ reading. The AI returns correct-words-per-minute (WPM), checks for accuracy, creates error scores, and gives instant feedback. 

You are in control: Choose your own texts from your textbook or any other source, set time limits, listen to recordings, or access the AI assessments. 

Use three different modes to teach reading and pronunciation: the listen mode allows learners to listen to a text and follow along with a reading, the practice mode lets them repeat a reading sentence by sentence and gives them instant feedback, the read mode where learners read a text and are assessed on their speed and accuracy. 

ReadAloud can be used beyond the English classroom. The plugin supports most modern languages.

Take a look at a ReadAloud lesson here

Poodll Solo

Poodll Solo teaches your students how to speak in three stages: students prepare a topic, they record their speech and have it transcribed, and receive feedback on pronunciation, grammar, and word use. 

Poodll Solo’s automatic grading system uses cutting-edge technology to provide instant feedback and suggestions for improvement. 

Check out this Poodll Solo lesson on one of our favorite topics: dogs!

How Will Poodll Languages Make My Teaching Life Easier?

Ever heard the excuse that the dog ate their homework? Now you’ll have a Poodll to grade assignments. Poodll Languages takes tedious tasks like grading and creating vocabulary lists and assignments off your hands so you can focus on other aspects of your class.

Poodll Languages will save you time and push your students to new language levels. Let the auto-grade features check your students’ assignments and homework, create high-quality mini-lessons that are directly integrated into your course, and automatically assign and assess reading exercises.

Like all of Poodll’s products Poodll Languages works on all modern browsers and devices and features an intuitive backend. No more interrupted classes through bad tech.

Poodll Languages is loved by language instructors all over the world. Free up time in your day for what really matters to you while also improving your students’ language skills. 

Sign up for your free Poodll Languages trial

What is English Central?

Integrate English Central lessons directly into your Moodle course. English Central allows your students to improve their language skills through fun, authentic videos. 

Choose from 10,000 video lessons, track your students’ progress, and create a grade book. Students learn vocabulary in context and realistic scenarios, preparing them for a real-life application of their language skills. English Central allows them to record themselves, practice speaking, and receive automatic feedback.

Take a deep dive into one of our intermediate lessons here

English Central is compatible with our Poodll courses. Prepare your students for their TOEFL exams, let them take a speaking challenge, or teach them English with Steve Jobs. Expertly-designed activities, real-life examples, and a fun format make Poodll Courses the perfect choice for you and your students. 

Check out our popular 14-day speaking challenge and watch your students succeed.


How Will English Central Make My Teaching Life Easier?

Never again scour the internet for authentic videos, and never again spend hours grading your students’ speaking assignments. Using English Central frees up hours in your day  (to take your dog for an extra long walk) while giving your students fun and easy-to-use learning activities. 

Sign up for a 30-day free trial here 

What is Poodll Net?

Poodll Net is like this perfect long walk with your dog that allows you to finally clear your head and focus on what really matters. It’s your one-stop-shop solution for all your language teaching needs and eliminates all those time-consuming distractions. Poodll Net allows you to put your students’ learning at the center of everything you do. Create your own digital language school with Poodll Net, a hosted learning management system (LMS) for teaching languages.

Poodll Net features:

Complete LMS

Everything you need to run your digital class beyond Moodle: enrollment, hosting, grading, etc. All in one place.

Report Builder

Include ready-made reports to track your students’ progress or create your own.

Enrollment Methods

Enroll students in courses manually, via self-registration, or via Stripe/Paypal payments.

Poodll Languages and Poodll Media

Includes two of our most popular products to deliver engaging, productive classes with templates for mini-lessons, material, quizzes, and auto-grading. 

Even more Plugins

Includes other plugins such as H5P, Gapfill, and LevelUp to personalize your course even further and add more teaching tools.


Issue certificates for completed courses.

How Does Poodll Net Make My Teaching Life Easier?

It doesn’t get much easier than Poodll Net. You want to teach, not set up a complex online learning system. Poodll Net gives you all you need from enrolling students to issuing their certificates in one place. Host interactive courses with authentic material, provide a wide range of different exercises, and use auto-grading to cut down on your workload.

Poodll Net is your bespoke online teaching solution – precisely tailored to your needs.

Sign up for your 30-day free trial here. 

Thousands of schools and organizations worldwide already use Poodll in their online classes – they love how easily Poodll integrates into their existing courses and how it supports their students’ speaking and listening skills.


My university’s language center has been using Poodll for seven years to bring spoken production and spoken interaction to our online curriculum. Poodll’s suite of tools enable us to assess speaking and oral reading with ease. The service is robust and has never let us down (even though we process thousands of audio and video files weekly). Any teacher or school instructing languages will find this tool extremely useful. 

  • Sojo Silc, longtime Poodll user


Make your teaching life easier in 2023: drastically cut down on time preparing lessons and grading assignments, free yourself from clunky and unreliable tech, use real-life videos without spending hours looking for them.

Not only will you have more time to focus on what matters to you, but your students will also love the interactive, fun exercises, and the instant feedback they receive.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for your free 30-day Poodll trial and start teaching smarter in 2023.

Sign up here!


Meet Sonny …

As promised here is Poodll’s very own office doggie ..


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