Four Poodll Tools to Make Your English-Teaching Life Easier in 2023

Four Poodll Tools to Make Your English-Teaching Life Easier.

Few things are worse than walking your dog at 6 am on a winter morning with light rain splattering your face and the cold creeping up your sweatpants. Sure, you love your dog dearly but right now, all you want is to lie in your warm bed and start your days slowly with the smell […]

How to Teach Speaking to Students – Practices and Strategies

In an episode of the comedy series Modern Family, Gloria, a Colombian immigrant mother living in the US, has finally enough of her family’s jokes about her accent. “Do you know how smart I am in Spanish?”, she shouts at her husband before doing a dramatic hair flip and walking away. Her experience resonates with […]

Four English Teaching Trends (and One Evergreen) to Watch Out for in 2023

Four English Teaching Trends in 2023

In recent years, predictions have been notoriously difficult to make. After all, the many new words we have added to our dictionaries since 2020 – from ecoanxiety to hodophobia (the fear of travelling, particularly in a pandemic), to social distance, and doomscrolling – show us just how much has changed in unprecedented ways.  Nevertheless, Poodll […]

Poodll at Global Moodle Moot 2022

Poodll at MoodleMoot Global

Poodll will be one of the sponsors of MoodleMoot Global in Barcelona 2022. If you are attending, be sure to visit us at our booth. We can’t wait to catch up with our existing users and to connect with new ones. The Poodll Guy will be there and demonstrating the latest updates and feature additions […]

Integrate WordWall, Flip, Quizlet and Buncee with Moodle

Buncee Flip Wordwall and Quizlet

With so many new and high quality learning apps out there, you want to use them in your Moodle courses. So recently we added several new widget templates to the Poodll filter. These allow you embed Wordwall, Flip, Quizlet and Buncee activities into your Moodle site. They won’t authenticate, or get a grade into the […]

Poodll partners with Moodle US

Moodle US and Poodll partner up

Poodll has signed a partnership with Moodle US, to promote Poodll and Moodle in the United States. “We have worked closely with members of the Moodle US team for a number of years and are excited to continue to work together to provide cost effective language solutions for US students. Moodle US’s commitment to open […]