Recapping Poodll in 2019

Recapping Poodll in 2019 Banner

Thanks to all of our Poodll customers and users for helping us make 2019 a really good one.

We started the year by receiving an award at the Japan Moodle Moot for Poodll Read Aloud and attended Moodle events in Australia, the Philippines, and China. It was great to see how Poodll is being used, and to introduce it to people in person. This is two of us at the Moot in Melbourne.

We also saw the arrival on the Moodle plugins directory of four new Poodll offerings. The first three are Cloud Poodll plugins

These bring the Cloud Poodll feature set to even more places in Moodle. That means your recordings are saved in the Poodll cloud (in the right geographical region for you), your recordings can be transcribed and its lightweight and requires no dependencies and has pretty recorders designed for use by teachers and students.

The fourth new plugin is a collaboration with EnglishCentral to bring their ESL speaking solution, EnglishCentral the Moodle platform.

You can try that out at :

And we have been busy laying the foundations for some great new things in 2020.

Thanks gain for helping make 2019 a great year.

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