What lies ahead for Poodll in 2020?

What lies ahead for Poodll in 2020 Banner

The coming year is set to be a very dynamic one for Poodll as we roll out several exciting new tools geared toward language teaching and learning. Here’s a round-up of what’s currently on our 2020 roadmap.

ESL Features in Read Aloud

Already a popular plugin among Poodll users, Read Aloud is set to get even better with features aimed at improving its efficacy as a tool for second language readers. We’ll be adding a preview mode where learners can listen to a model and practice reading the text before recording their attempt. We’ll also be adding a shadowing mode and introducing dynamic new reports capable of tracking the progress of learners over time.

Word Cards

What language program would be complete without flashcards to help learners pick up new vocabulary? Far from your standard flashcards, Poodll Word Cards consist of a “learn pool” and a “review pool”. Each instance of Word Cards contains new terms to be learned (the learn pool). Once these have been reviewed, they become part of a larger set of words (the review pool). Word Cards sessions contain a combination of new words and previously studied words drawn from the review pool. Word Cards feature a variety of activity types including: typing, matching, dictation, and speech cards.

Speaking Quiz

The Poodll Recording question type was the first to enable students to record spoken responses to quiz questions in Moodle. Seven years have passed, and we’ve extended that concept into a fully-fledged speaking solution featuring AI auto-grading. You’ll want to check this one out, for sure!

The Poodll Activity

One of the hidden gems in Poodll has been the players and widgets. But they have been too hidden. The Poodll activity will make it much easier to add flashcards, timers, interactive transcript media players, dictation, shadow players, text-to-speech widgets and more. It will also be possible to assign a grade to the activity when using some widgets.

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